21 August 2005

A Summer Saturday in Salt Lake City

The Farmers Market is one of my favorite stops on a Saturday morning in Salt Lake City. For five hours each Saturday from June until early October, Pioneer Park in downtown is full of activity between vendors and eager customers.

On this particular Saturday, I’ve come to peruse the goods of the season with my friend Tricia, who is selecting a few fresh vegetables to take home. After previewing the array of produce, fresh bread, and specialty food items like salsa and basil pesto, we decide to share a basket of fresh peaches from Brigham City.

Two years ago, the market expanded to include not only food and produce vendors, but local artisans as well. Handmade jewelry, original photography, and garden sculptures are just a few of the many unique items on display around the perimeter of the park.
Later in the day, I meet Heather and Karin to enjoy the sights and smells of the third annual Italian Street Fair (ferragosto). The best treat? Mango and black cherry Italian ice! It was the inaugural festival two years ago that acted as the catalyst for my trip to Sicily to better understand some of my heritage. It was a fitting way to spend the afternoon in the company of two friends who also have a passion for Italy.