09 November 2008

Six Pic Saturday: Denver

I needed to have a little fun before leaving Denver, so this morning I set out on foot to explore a bit of the downtown area. I didn't get very far before stumbling upon the Veteran's Day Parade route:

kilts on parade

I think there is some unwritten rule, or perhaps just the curiosity of human nature, that makes one stop and watch a parade. For a while I was next to a group of energetic boy scouts. Den Leaders must be brave souls:

pack 358

After a while, I continued on to the Denver Art Museum. I had received an enthusiastic recommendation from my friend, Gail, and decided that if I could only do one thing in my spare time while in the city, this would be it:

DAM exterior

There were some fantastic exhibits, and the Hamilton Building was just about as exciting to see as the art:

foxes at play

Just a couple of blocks away from the museum I stopped for some yummy chicken shawerma for lunch:

chicken schwerma

And then it was time to return to the hotel and wait for the shuttle to the airport:


06 November 2008

A Geeky Kind of Fun

Eval conference program
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Why am I in Denver? Well...I decided that I needed to hang out with a bunch of evaluators to see if I want to keep moving my career in that direction. And let me tell you, this group is intense! They start with 7 am meetings, and keep talking until 7 pm and beyond.

With over 2700 attendees, 41 Topical Interest Groups, and a 250-page program guide, there is certainly something here to satisfy every facet of evaluation practice and policy.

I've gleaned some good ideas for both school and work -- ideas that I'm excited to return to Oregon and develop a bit further. And my time in Denver has also given me the opportunity to meet with students and professors associated with my CGU program.

But for right now? I'm looking forward to resting my weary head on the plethora of pillows on my hotel bed.

plethora of pillows

05 November 2008

History in Denver

History in Denver
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It's interesting when travel and history collide. It creates a distinct memory, and a collective experience. I remember sitting around the communal table at Salumi in Seattle during spring break, listening in as others discussed the formal announcement of the war in Iraq that had just been made that morning.

Similarly, I know I will always remember where I was when the first African-American President of the United States was elected: I was in Denver--on the 21st floor of a hotel--listening to the cheers and the honking horns of the people on the street below.

03 November 2008

Not My Usual Bag

duffel bag1
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I'm packing tonight for Denver. That, in and of itself, is not significant. I pack on a regular basis. On a weekly basis.

What is unusual, however, is the bag that will be accompanying me.

See, the canvas duffel bag to the right is my go-to bag. I haven't used anything else for 6 years. It has gone to Spain, Sicily, and Brazil with me -- and to every small town in Oregon. I know exactly how to pack my shoes and layer my clothes and still have room for trinkets I might pick up along the way.

I'll be attending a professional conference for the next few days, and my casual ways have to stay behind on this trip.

So, I pulled out my valet bag -- a bag that accommodates hangers of all things! I've surprised even myself with how much I've been able to pack within the confines of this case. I'll be back soon to post my reaction to Denver.

valet bag