06 November 2008

A Geeky Kind of Fun

Eval conference program
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Why am I in Denver? Well...I decided that I needed to hang out with a bunch of evaluators to see if I want to keep moving my career in that direction. And let me tell you, this group is intense! They start with 7 am meetings, and keep talking until 7 pm and beyond.

With over 2700 attendees, 41 Topical Interest Groups, and a 250-page program guide, there is certainly something here to satisfy every facet of evaluation practice and policy.

I've gleaned some good ideas for both school and work -- ideas that I'm excited to return to Oregon and develop a bit further. And my time in Denver has also given me the opportunity to meet with students and professors associated with my CGU program.

But for right now? I'm looking forward to resting my weary head on the plethora of pillows on my hotel bed.

plethora of pillows

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fourthirtyam said...

Fantastic depth of field on the hotel shot. I'm in lust with those leafy/branchy/arty pillows. Glad to hear Denver is going well.