13 September 2008

Home By Another Way

Painted Hills

One of the things I like about road trips is the ability to alter your route and schedule to suite your interests. I think I learned that from my parents, who would never drive the same road on the return trip if another, yet-to-be-discovered one, was available.

So, this summer on my return to Oregon I chose to go home by another way. I had already driven Highway 20 through the center of the state three times. What would a journey along Highway 26 between Vale and Prineville unveil?

Well, as it turns out a stunning side trip to see the Painted Hills.

Painted Hills

04 September 2008

Freshly sharpened pencils

CGU pillar
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It's that time of year again when I wake up to the sound of car doors slamming outside my window as the local high school students park on the side street adjacent to my house. The time of year when the hint of summer is still in the air, but the school bell beckons.

I have always been one to get a little intoxicated by new books and freshly sharpened pencils. I not only love the process of learning, I love all the little accouterments that come along with it like pencil pouches and gummy erasers and library access to online journals.

Last week found me in southern California at Claremont Graduate University to attend a series of professional development workshops about evaluation. The workshops were excellent: well designed, intellectually challenging, and delivered by faculty from around the country. But you know what aspect really fulfilled me? Stepping onto a university campus and joining a community of scholars and practitioners that are passionate about learning and the work they do.

And fortunately for me, it is an experience I will get to repeat (albeit from a distance) for the next few months as I participate in CGU's certificate program in Advanced Study of Evaluation.

So now when I hear those school bells? It's a reminder that I need to hit the books myself, and do a little reading.

CGU gate