13 September 2008

Home By Another Way

Painted Hills

One of the things I like about road trips is the ability to alter your route and schedule to suite your interests. I think I learned that from my parents, who would never drive the same road on the return trip if another, yet-to-be-discovered one, was available.

So, this summer on my return to Oregon I chose to go home by another way. I had already driven Highway 20 through the center of the state three times. What would a journey along Highway 26 between Vale and Prineville unveil?

Well, as it turns out a stunning side trip to see the Painted Hills.

Painted Hills


fourthirtyam said...

Gorgeous photos. This sounds like a great adventure.

erin :: the olive notes said...

wow! BEAUTIFUL. I've never heard of this place...now I have it bookmarked for a future trip to the west :)

Angie said...

Kate! After a little sleuthing, I figured out who you are. What a small world. (How did you find me?) You do great photography work. I couldn't get into your blurb book to see it. For some reason it kept taking me back to the "store" and saying I hadn't made any books yet. Oh well.