19 April 2008

Saturday Treat

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It's spring in Oregon, which means fickle, fickle, weather! It was snowing fat, sloppy flakes in Salem a couple of hours before I headed out the door for an afternoon in Portland.

A SLC friend was in town for a conference, and so we spent a few hours this afternoon wandering around the Hawthorne District, eating yummy food, and searching shops.

I was delighted that she allowed me to share a few of my favorites: dinner at Pambiche, dessert to go from Pix Patisserie, and the hunt for fine-crafted paper.

And what did I come home with? A new tablecloth that will make a great background for more photos!

09 April 2008

Sunny Escape

Children's pool

For a few days at the end of March, I was lucky enough to escape the rain and the cold to enjoy the sun in southern California.

floating desk

A friend flew in from Dallas, and we stayed with her brother's family in Oceanside. We walked along the beach in La Jolla, strolled around the Design District in Solana Beach, ate yummy tacos at the Central Market in LA, and visited the Santa Monica pier.

And we consumed all manner of frozen treats. Mmm, perfect. Hurry up, summer!

$2 tacos