19 April 2008

Saturday Treat

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It's spring in Oregon, which means fickle, fickle, weather! It was snowing fat, sloppy flakes in Salem a couple of hours before I headed out the door for an afternoon in Portland.

A SLC friend was in town for a conference, and so we spent a few hours this afternoon wandering around the Hawthorne District, eating yummy food, and searching shops.

I was delighted that she allowed me to share a few of my favorites: dinner at Pambiche, dessert to go from Pix Patisserie, and the hunt for fine-crafted paper.

And what did I come home with? A new tablecloth that will make a great background for more photos!

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fourthirtyam said...

Hi..."SLC friend" here. I'm just now catching up on my blog and beginning to post Portland photos and stories. I bounced over to snag this URL and hyperlink it in one of my posts.

Thanks for the memories. I miss Pix and I still love that table cloth!