17 June 2009

Up on the High Line

NYC street

From 1930 to 1980, elevated freight trains rumbled through the Meatpacking District along a 1.45 mile stretch of track up into West Chelsea. A symbol of the area's industrial roots, it probably seemed like a good idea at first. By moving noisy trains above street level, pedestrians were able to reclaim the sidewalks. However, it also blocked out sunlight and turned the area into an unwelcoming venue after dark. In the 1990s an advocacy group formed that was dedicated to the preservation and reuse of the High Line.

High Line sign

In time, and in partnership with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, a plan for an innovative public space was born.

High Line staircase

Designed to mimic the more contemplative nature of the rails after the trains stopped running, the new park is a space set apart from the street below that offers stunning views and a new perspective of the city.

rails in bloom

Last week the opening of the first section of the new High Line Park coincided with my own trip to the city. And happily I also had friends who wanted to explore it along with me.

piano keys

I could easily envision a dinner out, a stop by a gallery show, and then a pleasant evening stroll along the High Line.

lounging duo

14 June 2009

A Study in Green

As some of you guessed, my trip last week took me to:

The first day in New York City, I got off the subway at W 72nd Street and meandered my way toward Central Park. If you ever want to know how watermelons make it to the city, this is how:

I love how you can wander along any path in Central Park and discover new things and interesting people to watch. These ladies were playing an intense game of croquet:

The overarching canopy of trees along the Mall area of the park is easily recognizable from the many films and tv series that have used it as a backdrop:

Just beyond Bethesda Fountain you'll find many people haphazardly rowing around the lake in small aluminum boats:

I entertained my self for quite a while just watching dog walkers and school children and tourists. Oops, I guess that includes me.

07 June 2009

It's that time of year...

It's that time of year again when I hop on a plane and push everything that has to do with training and databases and year-end summaries to the back of my mind. So this Tuesday, I am going to visit a friend who lives next to this building:

In a city where you might see this convenience:

And where you can definitely find a lot of nummies (as my mom calls them) like these:

Do you know where I'm going?