14 June 2009

A Study in Green

As some of you guessed, my trip last week took me to:

The first day in New York City, I got off the subway at W 72nd Street and meandered my way toward Central Park. If you ever want to know how watermelons make it to the city, this is how:

I love how you can wander along any path in Central Park and discover new things and interesting people to watch. These ladies were playing an intense game of croquet:

The overarching canopy of trees along the Mall area of the park is easily recognizable from the many films and tv series that have used it as a backdrop:

Just beyond Bethesda Fountain you'll find many people haphazardly rowing around the lake in small aluminum boats:

I entertained my self for quite a while just watching dog walkers and school children and tourists. Oops, I guess that includes me.


erin :: the olive notes said...

oh, i just love this color study...what great inspiration for my next trip to maybe do a color a day. I love having a photo 'assignment' to look for :)

Katherine said...

It wasn't even necessarily intentional, but when I was reviewing my photos, there was definitely a color theme. It's a fun way to explore.

Catherine said...

I love the colors, too!

fourthirtyam said...

Okay, so I'm really far behind in my google reader (like months and months behind), so I'm just now reading this. I have to say, in all honesty, this is one of my favorite blog posts you've ever done. I'm freaking out about how awesome this is!

p.s. I also haven't been to your actual blog in a while and I don't know when you changed it, but I'm also freaking out about how incredible your new header is. the whole layout. I'd love to know how you bumped everything to the bottom, allowing focus on only photos/text in the center. LOVE IT!