09 November 2008

Six Pic Saturday: Denver

I needed to have a little fun before leaving Denver, so this morning I set out on foot to explore a bit of the downtown area. I didn't get very far before stumbling upon the Veteran's Day Parade route:

kilts on parade

I think there is some unwritten rule, or perhaps just the curiosity of human nature, that makes one stop and watch a parade. For a while I was next to a group of energetic boy scouts. Den Leaders must be brave souls:

pack 358

After a while, I continued on to the Denver Art Museum. I had received an enthusiastic recommendation from my friend, Gail, and decided that if I could only do one thing in my spare time while in the city, this would be it:

DAM exterior

There were some fantastic exhibits, and the Hamilton Building was just about as exciting to see as the art:

foxes at play

Just a couple of blocks away from the museum I stopped for some yummy chicken shawerma for lunch:

chicken schwerma

And then it was time to return to the hotel and wait for the shuttle to the airport:


1 comment:

fourthirtyam said...

Your exterior shot of the building is amazing. It's better than the professional stock shots they use for PR!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Modern art is so stimulating to me and I always experience massive creative surges after I visit modern exhibits!