03 November 2008

Not My Usual Bag

duffel bag1
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I'm packing tonight for Denver. That, in and of itself, is not significant. I pack on a regular basis. On a weekly basis.

What is unusual, however, is the bag that will be accompanying me.

See, the canvas duffel bag to the right is my go-to bag. I haven't used anything else for 6 years. It has gone to Spain, Sicily, and Brazil with me -- and to every small town in Oregon. I know exactly how to pack my shoes and layer my clothes and still have room for trinkets I might pick up along the way.

I'll be attending a professional conference for the next few days, and my casual ways have to stay behind on this trip.

So, I pulled out my valet bag -- a bag that accommodates hangers of all things! I've surprised even myself with how much I've been able to pack within the confines of this case. I'll be back soon to post my reaction to Denver.

valet bag

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