14 May 2006

Bring on the Rhubarb!

rhubarb danish
Originally uploaded by Katherine H.

The advent of summer brings the anticipation of local farmers’ markets. I can’t entirely explain my attraction to them, but I have previously written about two that I am particularly fond of in Salt Lake City and Portland.

I had read about the Hillsdale market last year, but never made a visit. So I decided that today was the day, given that a trip to Portland was already on my agenda. After perusing the spring greens and dodging a few wagons full of produce, I settled on selecting something with rhubarb. Baker & Spice, a local company, had three tempting offerings with the aforementioned ingredient. In the end it was the pairing of sassy rhubarb with mellow cream cheese perfectly melded together in the center of danish pastry dough that won out.

The season is just beginning, and on my farmers-market-must-visit-list this summer are: Beaverton, Corvallis, and Eugene. There’s no better time to be living in the Willamette Valley!

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