15 September 2006

Is that the Southern Hemisphere Calling?

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The trip to Brazil is beginning to feel official. The information packet from the travel group arrived yesterday. My passport stamped with the necessary tourist visa from the Brazilian Consulate in Houston arrived a couple of weeks ago. And I’ve made my flight reservations from Portland to Miami where I will meet up with the rest of the group.

Here’s a glimpse at the itinerary (29 October-11 November 2006):
• Sao Paulo
• Porto Alegre
• IguaƧu Falls
• Rio de Janeiro
• Recife
• Manaus

For me, so much of the fun and anticipation of a trip is in the planning stages. I like to take a small travel notebook with me in which I have written little tidbits of advice culled from internet research and others’ recommendations. Of particular interest to me on this trip will be taking photographs of city and street life, the natural surroundings, and market/grocery items unique to the country.

I imagine some of you have favorite tips, adventurous ideas, or just plain ‘ol advice. So what should I be on the lookout for?


Joannah said...

My good friend went to Sao Paulo a couple years ago and had a blast. I hope your trip is wonderful!

Mom said...

Lola Mae called today to say that there was a list of the 10 most unique hotels in the world published in the paper yesterday. Among them was the Ariau Lodge out of Manaus where we are going to be staying. Hope about that for exciting!! I can hardliy wait.

Love, Mom