23 November 2007

In a Blur

Originally uploaded by Katherine H.
What happened to November? I hardly remember, the days slipped past so quickly. Work had me on the road 15 of the first 20 days of the month.

I started out in Klamath Falls, where I snapped this very apropos shot of a train along the banks of the Upper Klamath Lake as the sun was beginning its rapid slide into the horizon.

From there, I journeyed to Portland, Eugene, Medford, Woodburn, Forest Grove, and Canby. For those of you checking your odometers, that was a little over 1,501 miles behind the wheel.

Travel for work in on the decline for December, but picking up on the personal side with my first trip to NYC and a holiday in southern California with family. I'll be back with pics and hopefully some stories!

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