01 January 2009

Upon Reflection: 2008

My friend, Heather, posted a series of lists on her blog that summarized some of her "doings" for 2008. It inspired me to post my own spin on 2008--in a travel-related way--of course.

Mission San Luis Rey

Places I traveled out-of-state in 2008:
1. Redlands, CA
2. Oceanside, CA
3. Alhambra, CA
4. Nashville, TN
5. San Francisco, CA
6. Island Park, ID
7. Claremont, CA
8. Denver, CO
9. Salt Lake City, UT
10. Idaho Falls, ID

early sunset and fog

Places I traveled within the state of Oregon in 2008:
1. Astoria
2. Vernonia
3. Nyssa
4. Prineville
5. Grants Pass
6. Klamath Falls
7. Roseburg
8. Madras
9. Mill City
10. Oakridge
(And so many more...)

Saturday gardening

Places I wish I had written more about on my blog:
1. The Mission District, San Francisco, CA
2. Golden Gate State Park, San Francisco, CA
3. Community Garden, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
4. Claremont, CA
5. Central Market, Los Angeles, CA

Places I hope to write about on my blog during 2009:

1. Vancouver, BC, Canada
2. Southern California (sensing a theme here?)
3. Friends coming to visit me in Oregon :)

Snowy Salt Lake City

Highlights from my travels during 2008:
1. Denver Art Museum
2. Claremont Evaluation Workshops
3. Bikes-to-Rwanda photography exhibits
4. Wild strawberry picking in Island Park
5. Catching up with friends (and food faves) in Utah

What will 2009 bring? Where will 2009 take you?

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