25 May 2009

Six Pic Saturday: When Two Eras Collide

Last Saturday was the perfect day for a driving trip. I chose to go to the Columbia River Gorge and cross the river over into Washington. I felt like such a rebel. Crossing state lines isn't something I'm allowed to do on work time. So, I've always admired the gorge from the proper Oregon side of the river.

I explored the tiny, twin towns of Bingen and White Salmon.
They were s l o w l y filling the local pool for the season.

I then meandered along Highway 14, following the Columbia River back to Vancouver. When I saw a rather curious sight...

And wondered what would happen as the schooners drifted west, and the paddle boat pressed on to the east...

Phew! Crisis averted.

It was a beautiful day to be on the river no matter the form of transportation.

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