17 February 2007

Un Alma...Trece Mujeres

Cultural Center rotunda
Originally uploaded by Katherine H.
During my trip to Texas, Rochelle and I made a visit to the Latino Cultural Center in downtown Dallas.

I had read about an exhibit featuring the works of thirteen women (trece mujeres) from various Latin American countries. Having just returned from South America, I was particularly curious to observe what the exhibit had to offer.

The Cultural Center itself is an intriguing building designed by Mexican Architect Ricardo Legorreta. With its heavy wood-hewn doors, warm desert colors, and sculpture plaza it makes a bold statement against the Dallas sky. The texture of the granite weaving my Jesus Moroles beckons to be examined more closely.

An employee pointed us in the direction of the rotunda, where we sat for several moments in the darkness watching the changing colors highlight the various patterns in the "Orientations" mural.

Latino Cultural Center plaza

Dallas is fortunate to have an institution dedicated to showcasing the history and contributions of artists not well known by the mainstream art community. The exhibits rotate every few weeks, so it's worth a look the next time you find yourself in town.

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