17 March 2007

Six Pic Saturday

9:40 am -- My day starts out at a leisurely pace with a walk through Bush's Pasture Park, near my home.

tree shadows

10:22 am -- I finally check out the fish market that moved into the neighborhood several months ago. After some discussion with the guy behind the counter, I decide on some fresh, Canadian salmon for dinner.


12:00 pm -- I work with the HIV/AIDS Awareness Project, which trains inmates at the Oregon State Penitentiary as peer educators. After many delays, today we were finally able to hold our activities in remembrance of World AIDS Day.

Oregon State Penitentary

3:54 pm -- Since I am already nearby, I decide to stop by the Jason Lee Memorial Cemetery. I am still on the hunt to find where Ellen Hemenway Humphrey's gravesite is.


4:49 pm -- When I am in Salem, my Saturday evening ritual is to stop by the local Roth's grocery store to pick up the early edition of the Sunday Oregonian. In turn, I drop off my old papers in the Lion's Club recycling bin in the parking lot.

newspaper recycling

6:23 pm -- Dinner! Fresh salmon with miso-soy glaze, avocado, and Mediterranean orzo salad.


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