28 April 2007

A walk...and a rock in the distance

Today, I was busy enjoying the beautiful spring weather by riding my bike in Vancouver, Washington, with friends.

Discovery Bike Ride

So for this month's installment of Six Pic Saturday, I've chosen to share a recent walk on the beach with my parents. Our objective: To reach Haystack Rock. Sounds simple and mundane, right?

A rock in the distance

There it is, hiding in the mist...
To reach it a short strip of beach no more than half a mile lay between us and that rock.

Sand patterns

In between, there was rain...

Windy and rain

And did I mention nonstop, gusting wind?

A walk on the beach

The approach from the north was no better. But we were triumphant!


A sign spotted on the return walk speaks to the weather so common to the Oregon Coast: Ecola Inn Seawall, contructed after the storm, Jan 1,2, 1939. So, the next time you set out for a leisurely walk along the beach, be not deterred by the wind and the wet and the waves lapping at your feet.

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