20 May 2007

Six Pic Saturday: A Hike in the Mojave

19 May 2007

We determined that a short hike in a nearby canyon was a good way to start the day before driving to the airport. Besides, who wouldn't go hiking in the Mojave Desert on the cusp of summer?

The Hiking Crew

The hiking crew slathered in sunscreen with walking sticks in hand: Sarah, Emily (in baby carrier), Juli, Alan, Gina, Lindsey, and Kari

Along the trail

A year ago, oldest daughter Christie had discovered a map indicating natural springs in the canyon. So, we went in search of signs of water...


This cluster of cottonwoods indicated that we were in the right spot. However, a very dry winter meant that no water was visible above ground.


It was the perfect spot to pause for a moment of rest. Sarah announced that it would make a fine camping spot. I had my doubts...

Back down the trail

The return trip was fast and easy since it was all downhill. Sarah and Lindsey led the group.

Abandoned ruins

We stoppped to explore the remaining ruins of homes long ago abandoned, probably due to the harsh conditions and lack of water in the area. Among the intricately contructed stairs and walls of rock was evidence that it has become a popular spot for paintball enthusiasts.

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Mom said...

It looks like you had some hike that morning. I sure hope the temperature wasn't as high as it has been! And I surmise you didn't find any of Lindsey's snakes as traveled. What fun memories of Aunt Kait you made for Juli's family. I'm so glad you vacationed with her!