06 October 2007

Six Pic Saturday: Cubicle Cleaning

work corridor
Originally uploaded by Katherine H.
It started as a gray day, and I hoped it wouldn't remain that way.

With the wind and the low temperatures, I decided it would be the perfect day to implement Project Cubicle Scrub and Clean. I've been struggling with the loss of daylight and the stifling office atmosphere. It's squelching my creativity and making me yearn for the bike rides of summer.

Earlier in the week I came across a cubicle makeover featured on another blog, and was inspired to try my hand at infusing a little dose of light and organization into my workspace.

Doesn't the office always look different when it is deserted?


It's not pretty, folks. Although a quick tour around the office floor will reveal worse! As you can see, I'm a chronic piler. Need to remember where this is? Create a new stack. Can't forget to attend to this? Start a new pile. Can't be bothered with filing this now? Shove it in the corner.

lobby display

After a while, I needed a break for a dose of daylight. I walked over to the building atrium and lobby, where there is currently a display about domestic abuse. A side effect of the cube maze and our unfortunate location is the lack of any natural daylight...

parking lot market

For lunch, I wandered over to the Saturday Farmers' Market which takes up residence in a state parking lot each weekend from April through October.

gluten free cookie

I had never noticed the Taste and See booth before. Lindsey Shockey has been producing gluten-free cookies and mixes for the past two years since her diagnosis with celiac disease. I'm not gluten intolerant, but I've been reading blogs about it for the past couple of years, and like many gluten-free products. And if you have celiac, it can be a challenge to find food products that are safe for your consumption.

clean and clear

Clean space, clear mind! I still may add a couple of touches to my cube, but already I think it has been worth the investment. My 4' x 8' x 6' x 5' space feels much more spacious now that the clutter has been cut out. (I've added notes to my cubicle pics, so click through to Flickr to read more details.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine
Just found your great blog through Fab Broke in the City.
Working my way through your older posts, looking for your Portugal trip as we plan to move there eventually.

Katherine said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Unfortunately, I do not have anything on my blog about my trip to Lisbon. I spent a few days there after Christmas in 2002, about two and half years before I started my blog, and before I even had a digital camera!

Rae said...

^^ I found your blog through FB too. But really, wow! Your cubicle looks absolutely amazing!! I am definitely going to go find some boxes like your baby blue ones (just, um, not in baby blue!!).

Fantastic job with the cleaning!!

Catherine said...

Wow, your cubicle looks fantastic! Very inspiring. Note to self: clean cubicle ASAP.