25 February 2008

Photowalk: North Portland

It's been a while...a long while...since I took my camera in hand to explore a place new to me. Today I finally had that opportunity.

I spent some time on foot in the Overlook neighborhood of North Portland. There was a lot of moss-encrusted stonework, pavement, steps...you get the picture. You just can't stop it from growing around here.


There were lots of jalopies with interesting angles to photograph.


This is also the neighborhood where you will find the Adidas headquarters. Or rather, "Village," as they like to call it. They have a turf soccer field and basketball courts adjacent to the campus for employee use.


A stop at Beaterville Cafe provided sustenance in the form of scrambled green eggs (green onion, pesto, and feta).


This funny little guy was perched on an old iron bed frame:

wire chicken

And a handmade quilt in a yarn shop window imparted a bit of vibrancy to grey skies:


All in all, I enjoyed exploring another little pocket of Portland culture.


erin said...

this was a fun photo-tour :) I love the rusty car and modern buildings!

Katherine said...

Thanks for looking!