11 April 2009

Blue Sky in Bend

Originally uploaded by Katherine H.
Work took me to central Oregon this weekend, just in time to catch a bit of blue sky and sunshine. Every time I visit the area, there is a secret thought in the back of my mind that maybe one of these days I could live here...

I love discovering new things about places I already have an affinity for.

An afternoon walk downtown to a favorite paper shop introduced me to the work of Anahata Katkin. She is based out of Ashland. Who knew?

I selected two lovely postcards to send to lucky postcrossers. However, I may have a hard time parting with these. They may take up residence in my permanent collection.

From my hotel room I had a panoramic view of Pilot Butte, an extinct volcano within the city limits. It was a little too brisk and breezy this morning to hike to the top, so instead I went in search of this little bakery:

the sparrow bakery

I had stumbled across some promising reviews of The Sparrow Bakery online, so I went to try out the ocean roll for myself.

ocean roll

I was not disappointed! It mixed the goodness of a sticky bun with a kick of cardamom -- sweet and spice all rolled into one.

The Sparrow Bakery is tucked into an odd industrial corner of downtown Bend.

industrial barn

So naturally, I took out my camera.


Before leaving today, I stopped by Mother's Juice Cafe on the westside of town. The fruit & veggie blend (apple, carrot, orange, cucumber, beet and lemon) was the perfect treat to quench my thirst.

Mother's juice

To live here full time though? First, I'd need a Subaru and a road bike!


Mim said...

The pastry shape reminds me of my favorites: pain aux raisins. yum.

Lizzy said...

That ocean roll looks amazing!

fourthirtyam said...

I love these photos! Good work. The wide shot of the aluminum building is amazing.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this K.... You're fab!