04 April 2009

Easy Friday Night

Quiet studio space
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I took Friday off. I'll be working this weekend--and most of next week--on the road. I wanted movement. I wanted a creative spark. And I wanted it to be thrifty, too.

A quick search on the internet revealed the beginning of the Blue Sky Choreographers Series in a quiet space in downtown Portland. Enjoying contemporary dance is something I don't get to do very often anymore, so this was a nice renewal of that appreciation.

fries in a paper cup

Afterward, I decided to check out the Belgian fries that are gaining an appreciative audience over at Potato Champion.

Sitting in a corner parking lot at Hawthorne and 12th Street SE, this festive cart is only open Wednesday-Saturday, from 8 pm - 3 am. Perfect for late-night snacking. And they only serve one thing: fries. Order a cone full, sprinkle on some salt, and nosh away!

Potato Champion

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fourthirtyam said...

It's so interesting to track foodie trends (we've talked about this before)...and note that SLC has a new Belgian place. Super cute. Super popular. Super convenient in the warehouse district @ Pioneer Park. Waffles, stew a'la the owner/chef's great grandmother's recipe, and frites (with 10 different dipping sauce options). Love it. Now I'm going to search for Belgian eatery when I'm in Seattle next week.