30 August 2009

Summer Retrospective: Part I

For me, summer began at the end of April when I was able to spend an extended weekend in southern California. My sister and I happened upon a great viewing spot for the race from Newport to Ensenada.

I also took a little detour to experience an event known as the "The 1st 7th Grilled Cheese Invitational." I've always been a fan of cheese in just about any form, so it's hard to resist an event dedicated entirely to celebrating its yumminess in a gooey, grilled format.

Summer 2009 is also when my love of tart frozen yogurt started. I tried a few places...maybe 6 to be exact.

In May, I hiked 7.7 miles along the Clackamas River Trail. I'm still sporting a bruised toenail as a result of that trek. It was worth it.

At the end of June, I took advantage of a sunny weekend and made a jaunt to the Summer Kite Festival in Lincoln City. I made it in time to watch the Running of the Bols, which is a fun event -- if you like to run in sand with a giant kite strapped to your back.

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