03 September 2009

Summer Retrospective: Part II

In a recent article, Pico Ayer wrote that "visiting a new town is like having a conversation." If you leave your assumptions at home, you can hear whatever your destination is trying to say to you.

In June, I had the opportunity to continue a conversation that I first started four years ago in Sicily. And two years ago I revived that conversation in New York City as I retraced my great-grandparents journey through Ellis Island. This time the city lead me to the Tenement Museum:

In a partially renovated 6-story walk-up, you can participate in a small group tour that will introduce you to some of the families that lived at 97 Orchard Street. It was built in 1863, and almost 7,000 working class immigrants called it home before moving on to other enclaves in the city and around the country.

Tenement Museum

I think the next time I rejoin this conversation, it will be in the small coal mining towns of western Pennsylvania.

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Sarah said...

Katherine, I LOVE all your beautiful photos and the adventures you get to have as you journey to take them. (I'm Sarah from Kelly Rae's giveaway...you commented on my blog yesterday...) Anyway, I simply adore your work and they way you share your story. Post more, please! ;-)