10 September 2009

End of Summer

Ah, summer. Did you really come and go so quickly? I don't want to let you go yet. I want to take another early morning walk through Sugar House and reminisce about when you could slide into a vinyl booth at Snelgroves and spoon up a delicious ice cream treat.

I want to be ferried across False Creek in a tiny boat to enjoy the bounty of fresh produce and local art on Granville Island.

Then I want to return to that little shack tucked into a corner of the dock where they prepare fresh fish purchased just moments ago. Waiting 45 minutes in the blistering sun? Completely worth it.

And finally, I want to retreat to the 3rd-floor suite in a renovated Victorian house and leave the door ajar as I listen to the pitter-patter of rain drops and feel the static in the air as an elctrifying summer storm sweeps across the sky.

Can we do it again next year?

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erin :: the olive notes said...

what a beautiful, colorful post :)