25 January 2010

Poetry in Motion

Every winter the Oregon coast is host to a unique event: Fisher Poets on the Edge. In the past, my work schedule hasn't allowed me to attend. But this year? I made a plan and escaped to Newport to see and hear what the fuss was about.

I had a little time before the main even on Saturday night, so I grabbed my camera and walked along the docks on Yaquina Bay.

This guy wanted his own space apart from the clan on the neighboring rocks:

That night it was standing room only at the Oregon Coast Aquarium as a lineup of fishermen (and one woman) recited tales and songs of their lives on the sea.

In measured meter and rhyming couplets, they had the crowd spellbound with their words. And in between sets, we were welcome to stroll through the exhibits.

I don't think one could ever tire of watching jellyfish.

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Marinda said...

Wow. Jellyfish. Thanks!