22 February 2010

A Pit Stop

I remember on family car trips we would stop at the Olive Pit when we were passing Corning, California. I haven't been on this stretch of road for (gulp) over 20 years. So when I started seeing the signs along the side of the road, I knew I had to pull over and see what they had to offer.

They've completely remodeled their shop, and now have a small cafe adjacent to their tasting bar and open shelves. You can peruse row after tidy row of glass jars with tantalizing and tasty offerings such as Blue Cheese Stuffed Spicy Olives and Cuban Pitted Olives.

Of course, I couldn't resist picking up a jar or two for myself. I settled on Deep South Cajun Pitted Olives and Lemon Citrus Olives. Mmm!

1 comment:

Rufusandco said...

They sound delicious. Wish I could drop by there too. Love the photos.