08 January 2008

Six Pic Saturday: A funny sort of tree

On the last Saturday of December, my parents and I headed off to Joshua Tree National Park. They had been before, but this was my first visit.

bottle tree

First, we stopped at the local farmers market near the park entrance for sustenance. We sampled chinese dates, a wrinkly nub of a fruit that I thought was tasty. I think my parents favored the peanut butter cookies and oro blanco grapefruit a bit more.

chinese dates

We were favored with blue skies and ample sunshine, a combination that many rock climbers decided were prime conditions for scaling some of the larger formations.


The park campgrounds were full with climbers, hikers, and bikers. Winter is a good time to be here. I can't imagine the full heat of summer!

rock trees bike

Need to find your climbing crew? Check the back of the park sign!

climbing partners

Our last stop in the park took us through the Cholla Garden. These spiny little creatures create quite a surreal environment.

spiny aliens

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erin said...

Yay! these are really fun photos! Thanks for sharing