01 January 2008

A Traveling Heart

One year ago I posed this question: What travel adventures will 2007 bring?

2007 was the year I decided that travel should connect me to people…

I ate brownies and tart, lemon Italian ice with my sister in Palm Springs ● I stood on the edge of Lake Louise with the water lapping at my toes while renewing my connection with a college friend ● I enjoyed sun-warmed plums with friends in Salt Lake City ● I went hiking in the Teton Mountains with family, in an area where my mother spent her childhood summers ● I explored neighborhoods in Chicago and joined a bike tour ● I followed the footsteps of my great-grandparents to Ellis Island during my first visit to NYC ●

Twelve months ago, I didn’t know any of those experiences were on my horizon. And similarly with 2008, I have no definite plans or exotic trips in queue. But I have no doubt that whatever unfolds in the year to come will add another dimension to my life -- and that’s the true beauty of travel.

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