17 March 2008

St. Patrick's Day in Heppner


In the four years that I have been traveling around Oregon, I had yet to visit Heppner. That opportunity came last week. And it seems that I arrived on an auspicious day--the day they close down two blocks of Main Street to repaint the giant clover in preparation for the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Really, you can’t plan these things. They just happen.

I was politely informed as I was photographing the emblem that it’s best not to ride a horse over it. “Horses stumble,” the gentleman intoned, “and lose their footing on the slippery surface nearly every year during the parade.” Yikes.

Main Street

So I thought in honor of my 3rd bloggiversary, which so conveniently coincides with this holiday, that I would create a “state of the blog” post for the curious among you. A compilation of sorts of the how and the what that brings people to my website.

Since 16 January 2007, 1552 unique visitors have read some part of my blog. And I average about 103 visitors each month. When compared to popular blogs with a daily readership, this is a paltry number. However, considering that I write this blog primarily as my lazy form of a travel journal and for a handful of friends and family, I am honored by every other visitor who deems my writing worthy of their time.

So where do these mysterious readers come from? Well, 88% live in North America. Almost 5% reside in Canada, 3.8% in the United Kingdom., and 1.22% in Italy. Belgium? Qatar? Serbia? Cyprus? Hungary? Poland? Philippines? Yep, there have been the occasional random hits from those countries as well.

What brings them here? Goat. Milking. Station. Seriously, this is the most popular web search that leads people to my blog. Google those three words and this blog will pop up as the second hit on the page. Go ahead. Try it. I’ll wait right here for you.

Nifty, huh?

People also land on my blog because they’re searching for things like a Samsonite Valet, the adventures of Flat Stanley, nuclear implosion, or are curious about urban exploration in Seattle or the history of Morgantina.

My most popular post to date has been The Curious Goat on the Mountainside. Really, who could resist with a title like that?

Monday is the most popular day to read my blog. And if you’re reading between 8-9 am or 9-10 pm? You’ll have some company.

I don’t know for how long this little adventure will continue. So, thanks for reading and may your animals be sure-footed!

shamrock flower pot

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chad r. said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for visiting and for leaving the yummy treats behind! We devoured them quickly after they were discovered. We had german pancakes for dinner that night so we could try the delicious marionberry syrup.

The pictures you take are great! I didn't know you were into photography and travel. Now for sure you have to get some Eagle Creek gear!

ps. I like exclamation points!