13 September 2007


calla lilies
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In a handful of hours, I will leave my car in long-term parking and settle into travel mode as I point myself eastward toward Chicago. A self-imposed break, of sorts, although I need no reason nor excuse to fuel my wanderlust.

Why Chicago? I could cite a list of opportune circumstances convening to make this possible, but none of them will reasonably explain the trip. A cheap plane ticket. Free hotel nights. A reluctance to let go of the carefree days of summer and succumb to the fading daylight of autumn.

I have been to the Windy City once before, on an extended weekend trip with my sister. We stared upward at architectural icons, and gazed downward across Lake Michigan. We ate deep dish pizza and admired exhibits at the Art Institute. We took a boat tour on the river and watched Buckingham Fountain. We walked a lot.

This time, I want to see the city in a different light. And so, with recommendations from a friend who calls the city home, I am off on a solo trip…

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