01 September 2007

Summer Road Trip: The Road Home

Parma Police
Originally uploaded by Katherine H.
20 August 2007

After ten days, it was time to turn westward and return home.

By the numbers:
  • Miles driven: 1,825
  • Speeding tickets: 0
  • Contented travellers: me!


Paul said...


I enjoy your blog....I'm not even close to a blog reader..I came across your blog by chance about 8-6 months ago. I sent you one comment awhile back. I used to go to school in Utah...so I'm sure that was a great trip for you. I really enjoy your picture taken style. You shoot like I do. Take care,

Paul P.
Portland Oregon

Patia said...

Ah, I see you DO have a Flickr account! Great photos and travelogues. I'm intrigued and subscribing to your feed!